Simplicity is the key at the Wellbeing Kitchen, the small Korean cafe near Centre Point, where the crowds gather not for the flashy interior, but for the wide and varied menu of superbly cooked Korean favourites. Behind the counter, flanked by a glass cabinet showcasing a range of attractive-looking salads, a busy chef can be seen practising his culinary skills on rows of bubbling pots, emitting delicious aromas. In front there are tables where you can sit and enjoy the results of his labours, but you can also order the food to take away.

One speciality to look out for is the huge bowls of soondubu jjigae, a spicy bright red soup rich in kimchi, the fermented vegetables that are hot like chilli. Another, with much more subtle seasoning, is the milky-coloured duk mandu guk, with its ultra tasty stock full of rice-pasta and dumplings filled with minced meat and vegetables. If you like raw fish, their signature hoe-deopbap features deliciously seasoned strips of salmon and tuna sashimi on steamed rice.


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