Fun Facts about Shaftesbury Avenue

There are so many things that make Shaftesbury Avenue such a special place. Not only does it share a rich history, but there are some fun facts about Shaftesbury Avenue that you may not know:


Fun Fact 1

  Shaftesbury Avenue was the birthplace of Cat Stevens.

Fun Fact 2

In the BBC’s TV show, Sherlock, the southern end of the Avenue near Piccadilly Circus appears onscreen. Sherlock and John bump into each other by the bus stop outside 19-23 Shaftesbury Avenue, before heading off into Chinatown to continue their investigation.

Fun Fact 3

  There is one building that carries the famous Piccadilly Circus illuminated advertising hoardings. It is one in the northwestern corner between Shaftesbury Avenue and Glasshouse Street.

Fun Fact 4

American soldiers loved the area during World War II – Many servicemen’s clubs in the West End served American soldiers based in Britain.

Fun Fact 5

  Hermione Granger refers to the famous street in the Harry Potter books, “Shaftesbury Avenue; I used to come to the theatre here with mum and dad. I don’t know why I thought of it, it just popped into my head.”