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Over 16 million people visit Shaftesbury Avenue each year and it’s easy to see why!

Shaftesbury Avenue is a vibrant place perfectly mixed with culture and commercial venues. There is so much to do in London’s West End that you can often miss something special. This is where ShaftesburyAvenue.com comes in!

ShaftesburyAvenue.com is a free-to-access information guide about Shaftesbury Avenue and London’s West End. We are not like other London websites, we are focused on Shaftesbury Avenue and what’s within 15 minutes walk of the famous West End street. This website is designed and managed by a team who live in London and share the same passion as you for our beloved city.

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  ShaftesburyAvenue.com was built to target anyone that is interested in London’s West End. From tourists to fellow Londoners, we are committed to providing inspiration and bringing you closer to what’s going on around Shaftesbury Avenue.

What can you find on ShaftesburyAvenue.com?

ShaftesburyAvenue.com is packed full of useful, factful information and inspiration on what you can do and find in London’s glorious West End district. We would recommend in particular that you check out:


If you are planning your next stay, why not stay in the heart of London! There are many hotels near Shaftesbury Avenue and we have dedicated Hotels section to help you decide on where to stay. Have a look at the information, photos, handy map and user reviews to help you decide. You can even book the hotel within our website too.

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Shaftesbury Avenue and it’s surrounding area boasts a selection of the finest restaurants offering a variety of cuisines to suit any budget. Check out recent customer reviews and latest special offers through our Restaurants section.

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Things To Do

As we mentioned before, there is so much to do in London’s West End. Whether you are looking for the latest theatre attractions, a comedy, places of interest such as landmarks and or where to eat the best burger, we have got it covered!

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Shaftesbury Avenue is nothing without its history. In our History section, we take a look back into Shaftesbury Avenue’s past and how it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in London.

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Use our map and handy travel information to plan your next visit to Shaftesbury Avenue.

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